Rebellion past 30...and counting.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dreams and Deliriums

I hate the state of politics these days. Not only in my country but as well as the rest of the world. It is not very healthy and reminds you of how insignificant petty problems can be. I know its nothing new, but it really gets tiring and annoying. Wars, disasters, mole queens, filthy pigs, and red herrings. Do they even look at the mirror anymore? Just how black are their hearts? And just how much bile can they spew from their lying mouths? Right now our little paradise is a tower of shit, and the flies are everywhere. So much for democracy... bitches!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pocket Rockets

I haven't had time to update this blog since I've been too busy playing poker last week, plus I didn't really have anything to rant or complain about. Anyways, I've been playing poker with my buddies since before it really became famous with the onset of Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. Now everyone seems to be in the bandwagon. It's not easy to get into the game if you don't know where to find playing buddies (korum), but once you've found a steady clique it's all fun.

I started playing poker with my cousins after we got bored of playing tongits and pusoy dos. I remember we were holed up in Baguio huddled around a small circular table, fighting the cold with alcohol and cigarettes. We decided to play a round of Draw Poker according to the rules I remembered from reading in a magazine a few years back. It was definitely house rules, since we really didn't know the canon. We made it up as we played, noting the inconsistencies and dubious rules until we could agree and feel comfortable with the game. At the end of the night we were drunk as hell, and having a great time playing the game.

That is why, when friends decided to try playing Texas Hold 'Em I was already familiar with a lot of its conventions, making the transition a rather smooth one. I love poker. I love friendly gambling. Its one of those things you really enjoy once in a while to blow off some steam. Plus its really, really fun! Now if I could only draw pocket rockets more consistently...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Saints and Sinners Day

The dead are dancing and so are the living! It's time for another trip to the cemetery and party like it's some kind of rave. Yup that's what All Saints Day have become here in our beloved country, the Philippines. We celebrate the day of the day (which incidentaly should be on the 2nd of November, All Souls Day, hmmm.) with much merriment than the traditional day of prayer and remembrance. But hey why the hell not? It's miserable enough to be in a graveyard and among the dead, that maybe we should be having fun, rather than agonizing and feeling somber over somebody who has supposedly gone to "a better place." Anyway this has been occuring in the Philippines for as long as I can remember (long before I was born). Families would troup into the cemeteries bringing food, drinks, and entertainment. They would camp out until the next day (or more), drinking, singing, dancing, or just playing tongits. It's like a macabre Woodstock complete with fights, comfort room problems, and the occasional rain. Recently this form of celebration has been stilted by the powers that be to ensure public safety, and to uphold the old traditions of our beloved ancestors (who are lying dead six feet under our shoes). Anyway it's all propaganda, it really doesn't hold true, because tradition is lame and pinoys just want to have fun. I guess if I was dead I'd prefer the people around to have fun than to mope around pretending to be sad, reciting prayers out of a booklet you only open say once or twice a year. I say let the party begin! This is halloween! This is Halloween!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick or Treat

Ah yes one of my favorite holidays of the year. Not only is it another reason to party, but you also get to dress up like a goof that is if you get to be invited to one of those costume parties. During my younger years costume parties were pretty rare. Fortunately my village encouraged trick or treating, which we really enjoyed, often times preparing our costumes months ahead. My friend would then invite us over his house afterwards for the Halloween party, which was always fun. Now I'm glad more people are celebrating Halloween like it should be, acting like kids and just having a ball of a time. Just last night I attended my first Halloween party for the year (It's only the 28th) with more to come util the 31st. Good times man!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Anarchy and Anachronism Otherwise Known As Turning 30

I decided on creating a new blog after I realized that my old one has been left stagnant and irrelevant. I think it's also timely now that I've turned 30. Yep you just wake up one morning and realize that you have been living in your parent's house for 30 damn long years, doing nothing but get wasted every night, bum around playing video games, or pester everyone with really loud industrial rock music. Talk about failure to launch! But enough of that. What's the big deal about getting another decade into your age anyway? Well a lot apparently. For one thing, you're past your 20s meaning you're no longer a young adult although you still feel like partying like one. Second, you're not yet 40 so you really can't be called an adult waiting for that precious mid-life crisis. So where does that leave you?

30s is limbo, it's neither this or that, neither here nor there. You still feel rebelious, immature, insecure, and in total denial, hence the Anarchy part. At the same time you also feel detached, obselete, out-of-sync, and dysfunctional when dealing with the new fads, fashions, and trends of the newer generation. You no longer appreciate the new music and instead burrow back to your 80s and 90s music collection. Sad, I know, but probably true to most of us. Thats' where the Anachrinism part comes in. You see, instead of looking at it in a negative way, I'd rather explore this new territory and see where it leads. Hey maybe being 30 is the new 20s. Or maybe I'm still depressed and in denial...